John Deere LG186 Maintenance Kit

$ 53.55 

This John Deere Home Maintenance Kit has the exact parts you need for convenient at-home, do-it-yourself service, including filters, oil and spark plug(s)

This kit fits a John Deere 345 WITH serial number below 96,209
If your serial number is above 96,209 the LG238 will be the correct kit

Kit contains:
AM107423 Oil filter (1)
AM116304 Fuel filter (1)
MIU10778 Air element (1)
M76076 Air element - foam (1)
M71939 (BMR6A) Spark plug (2)
TY22029 Oil (2 quarts)

We are a full line John Deere dealer so please feel free to a send us a message if you are unsure about which kit is correct for your mower or if you have any questions
This is an OEM John Deere kit
Thanks for looking!