John Deere Fun on the Farm Activity Box - 3212

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Find dozens of animals, tools and game cards in the farm activity book
Build your very own big red barn and find the perfect spot for it on your play mat
Flip the play mat over to find a maze and board game, too!
You can be the farmer in this exciting activity box
Unfold your play mat, assemble the barn, punch out all the play pieces, and rev up your John Deere tractor for hours of fun on the farm!
Drive the authentic John Deere model tractor all around your farm!
Explore a day on the farm in a board book shaped just like a farmhouse
Unfold your play mat for hours of playtime fun
For ages 3 and up
This set includes: a build your own barn, farmhouse board book, farm activity book, and 2-sided play mat
Licensed John Deere product
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