John Deere LG183 Maintenance Kit

$ 45.76 

This John Deere Home Maintenance Kit has the exact parts you need for convenient at-home, do-it-yourself service, including filters, oil and spark plug(s)

This kit fits the following John Deere models:
170, 175, 240, 245, F510*, GT242, LX172, and LX176 with a Kawasaki Engine
* F510 model requires an extra quart of oil that is not included in this kit

Kit contains:
AM107423 Oil filter (1)
AM116304 Fuel filter (1)
M74285 Air element – foam, M97211 Air element – paper
M802138 (BPR5ES) Spark plug (1)
TY22029 Oil (2 quarts)
We are a full line John Deere dealer so please feel free to a send us a message if you are unsure about which kit is correct for your mower or if you need something else for your mower
This is an OEM John Deere kit
Thanks for looking!